Just how much money does Albert Pujols make?
by Scott Butler 12/13/11

I’m still having a hard time wrapping my head around the contract Albert Pujols just signed. 254 million dollars is a lot of money. Pujols’ contract is like the size of the universe: just too big for the human brain to comprehend. So let me break it down for you in smaller pieces to illustrate just how stinkin rich King Albert has become.

Breaking down Albert Pujols' salary

Pujols is due to make an average of $25.4 million each year, which breaks down as follows:

Pujols salary...

per calendar day - $69,589.04
      per hour - $2,899.54
      per minute - $48.32
      per second - $0.80
per regular season game - $156,790
per plate appearance (average of 676 PA per season) - $37,573.96
per pitch (average of 2,467 pitches per year) - $10,295.91

Think about those values for a second. Pujols earns in a single day what a normal everyday worker makes in an entire year. Pujols will earn nearly 100 bucks every two minutes and $1 million every single week.

Now let’s imagine Pujols got paid per pitch. That means he would earn $10,000 for every foul tip, for every strikeout, for every called strike, and for every pitch in the dirt. He would earn $40,000 for each intentional walk and at least $60,000 for every full count.

If you aren’t depressed yet, chew on this: Pujols probably makes more during a healthy dump than you make in an entire day.

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