Phillies should coast to best record ever
by Scott Butler 8/16/11

Hard to believe that after 20 straight games it's been 2 full days without Phillies baseball. Did it sink in during your time off just how good the Phils are?

I hope you realize that when all is said and done, the 2011 Phillies will probably be the best Phillies team ever. The Phillies can literally sleepwalk into the playoffs, they are a virtual lock to win the NL East, and they can hit cruise control and still have the best record in team history.

The Phillies 77-41 record puts them on pace for 106 wins. With 44 games left, here's what they need to do to reach certain milestones:

To reach .500: they need to go 4-40
To reach 97 wins (last year's win total): they need to go 20-24
To reach 100 wins: they need to go 23-21
To tie the franchise high 101 wins: they need to go 24-20
To set a new franchise record with 102 wins: they need to go 25-19

So, in order to become the best team in their 128 year history the Phils just need to go 25-19. Heck, they can do that with me batting cleanup!

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