How to be a great baseball hitter...response
by Scott Butler 8/18/11

I just got a taste of how it must feel to be booed by 40,000 Phillies fans when I received reaction to my last article on how to hit a baseball. Boy, nearly a hundred Phillies fans tore me up like a paper shredder. These people obviously did not read the last line of the article.

See, I kinda made it all up. Just for farts and giggles I decided to provide some truly ignorant hitting advice. My advice was nearly as bad as Peter's advice in Family Guy to "lift with your back in a twisting, jerking motion."

As bad as my advice was (and it was bad), in a way it was completely legit advice. Let me explain.

I practice what I preach every time I play….wiffle ball. And, oh yeah, it's only going to work with someone like me who has Muscular Dystrophy. Huh?

Well, in my particular version of Beckers MD my arm strength isn't so bad, but I get zilch from my legs. I've been trying to extract every ounce of muscle out of my legs for years, yet to no avail. I tried different stances, altered my swings, and tried bigger strides to gain momentum, but nothing worked.

I finally said, "screw it," and decided to forget my legs altogether. The improvement was instant and dramatic.

I now lunge at every pitch (Step 1 from my advice), try to use all arms and no legs (Step 2), and look for nothing but high pitches (Step 3). My approach allows me to keep my hands back and utilize all of my arm strength. It is no exaggeration to claim that my distance has increased by 30% to 50%.

It's actually amazing when you realize just how big a role your legs play in hitting a baseball, and the same goes for pitching. Granted my example is based on wiffle ball experience, but the physics are essentially the same.

You would have to see it in action to best understand how it works, so maybe I will get this on video for you. Hmmm, I guess a video camera would help. Well then, maybe not tomorrow, but sometime soon I will show you what I mean.

Hope you weren't too offended, but it was all in good fun.

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