How to be a great baseball hitter
by Scott Butler 8/17/11

I found the secret to becoming a great hitter and it is opposite of what most hitting instructors will tell you. Most hitting experts will tell you not to attack the baseball. They will tell you lay off high pitches. And they will tell you to utilize your legs as much as possible. Let me be the first to tell you THOSE EXPERTS ARE COMPLETELY WRONG.

Here is the secret to hitting: Attack the baseball, swing at all high pitches, and don't use your legs.

I have been playing competitive baseball my entire life and wasn't successful until I listened to my own advice. Follow my three steps and you will instantly improve your hitting game.

Attack the baseball

What "attacking the ball" means is that when you decide to swing, get to the ball before the ball gets to you. In other words, when you see a pitch you like, lean into it as you swing and attempt to hit the ball as far out in front of you as possible. The reason for this approach is that it allows you to utilize the weight of your body and that weight drives the momentum of the ball as you hit it. This also leads into the next point:

Do not use your legs

Your legs are instrumental muscles in holding the weight of your body, but they do NOTHING to help your swing. Think about it, how can your legs make you swing faster and hit the ball harder? In fact, on low pitches your legs actually HURT your swing. It's just common sense!

Your arms, shoulders, and hands do all the heavy lifting, so use them. As you attack the ball, use the power of these muscles and try to keep your legs as still as possible so they do not detract from your swing.

Look for high pitches

High pitches, ESPECIALLY pitches above the letters of your uniform are THE BEST PITCHES TO HIT. Many hitters are not successful with high fastballs because they use their legs too much and wait too long to swing. But if you use my approach you will hit any high pitch a long, long, way. By lunging at the ball and using all arms and hands, you are able to utilize your total body weight and absolutely mash the ball.

I hope you weren't buying any of this because I MADE IT ALL UP.

Calm down, now. I thought I'd just have a little fun with you here. Actually, this is quite possibly the worst hitting advice possible. There was a method to my madness, though. I will reveal it to you in the next article....

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