What Can We Do with You, Brett?
by Scott Butler 6/30/08

The question around town these days is "what can we do with Brett Myers." Something obviously needs to be done, but what? If you were thinking of sending him to the minors you can forget about it because Brett is out of options so he must clear waivers first. See my "Player Option" article for an explanation of what that means. Here also is a link to Brett's player profile.

Before taking Brett out the Phils must decide who to replace him. So who will it be?

My first thought was Chad Durbin, but Todd Zolecky (Inquirer writer) mentioned that his ERA as a starter was around 6 which is about what Brett's is, and as well as he has played why mess with a good thing If you look towards the minors Carlos Carrasco (21 years old) is the name you hear all the time but his numbers aren't all that great right now (5-7 with a 4.18 ERA). For my money I would go with J.A. Happ (25 years old) because his numbers are better (5-6 with a 3.54 ERA). Kris Benson shouldn't even be a thought at this point because he had an ERA around 8 in single A and still hasn't proven he can be healthy.

If we want something to happen, I think it will have to come through a trade and maybe throw in a minor leager or two. How about Victorino and Carrasco for CC Sabathia? Something to think about....


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