We're Back!!
by Scott Butler 7/22/08

Can one inning change an entire season around in mid-July? If there ever was a game that could do that we saw it tonight.

Here's what I was thinking heading in to the ninth against the Mets: Coming into the interleague games we had a big lead in the NL East and we were playing great ball and now when we wake up tomorrow we will be looking up at the red hot Mets. A Mets team that we humiliated last year will now be 8-3 against us and show that we were just lucky last year. Once again the offense just isn't getting it done and our starting pitching is just not good enough. Maybe we were just a fluke!

Then the ninth. Remember this, Mets? I'm sure you do because you had about six months of nightmares of what the team in Philly did to you.

We wouldn't let them forget. The Mets pretty much had a stranglehold on the momentum through dominance over the Phillies and it is now completely gone and totally in our favor. What looked like a dramatic turnaround is now more of the same. Now the Phils are a respectable 4-7 vs. New York, still have a hold of the East and have a chance to stomp on them. What's even better? How about Reyes getting totally flustered and making a huge mental error that opened the door to this victory?

No, this doesn't solve the Phils problems but it might give them the arrogance we had last year that lifted us to one of the greatest comebacks ever. This might be the wakening we needed. In early May if we were down by 3 or less you had to be confident that we would tie but recently I'm not even confident we can score three total. Maybe this one inning can bring back the old offense.

Great Win!


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