by Scott Butler 7/22/08

Just a bad frickin weekend in Miami!

It's not just that we gave the Florida Marlins a free ticket to join us in the NL East with the Mets but it's the way it happened and we responded to it.

Yes, not only did we lose but it was flat out sloppy baseball. Saturday was just brutal. I counted at least three baserunning blunders on Saturday, and the Phils simply can't move a baserunner over or hit a sac fly if we handed them a live grenade! It sure seemed at this point that Charlie is starting to lose the team.

Then Sunday. I'm sure you heard right now about Jimmy not running hard on the bloop hit, but do you realize how big of a mistake that was? If he runs hard the Phils carry a lead into the ninth, Lidge closes the door....and game over. But instead we waste a good game by Howard lose the game, and now the fish are standing at our footsteps. And maybe that won't matter if Charlie kept Burrell in the game...I will get into that later.

Then Burrell admits to reporters that he can't stand being pulled from game and Hamels trashes the manager for sitting him too long. And add that to Charlie calling out his team, it's not looking good. Am I crazy or is this season about to come to a crashing halt?

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