The One
by Scott Butler 6/12/08

There seems to always be that one game. The game that can define another "oh so close" season. That one deflating loss that stays with you all year. Billy Wagner had one against the Astros when he was here. Tom Gordon had one in 2006 against San Diego. Then there was the one with Myers last year when we blew an 8-2 lead against the Braves.

That one game that can break a season. Tonight's game had all the makings of the one.

Let's set the scene. The Phillies are riding high on a great hot streak that brought us a sweep in Atlanta and a 4 game lead on the second place Marlins. After losing the first two the Phils really wanted to get this one in Florida. Up steps Jamie Moyer (you know, the mid forty practically whiffle ball pitcher who won the division clincher last year and almost got us a win in the playoffs) and flat out shuts down the fish and the Phils offense claws their way to three runs.

What a great win this would be to keep a solid hold on first place. Up 3-0 this would be a breeze with "lights out" Lidge on the mound right? Well, the Philly fan in me knew this was the perfect time for that one devastating loss....but it wasn't to be. Lidge shuts the lights and we head to St. Louis winners.

OK, maybe it was just another win that nobody will remember in a month, but in years' past we would have remembered a game like this as the one game that cost us the playoffs. Maybe it's a sign of this to come.


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