Taking One for the Team
by Scott Butler 7/1/08

I guess I forgot to mention in yesterday's blog that there is one way to option a player to the minors: ask him! In case you didn't hear, Brett Myers accepted being optioned to AAA Lehigh Valley today. I haven't been Brett's biggest fan for a few reasons. Who can forget the domestic disturbance in Boston last year but that is old news. What concerns me the most is one of the reasons he had that problem with his wife: he is just too immature. He showed it last August when he flipped out on a reporter. But the real problem is how he reacts when things don't go his way. He has somewhat controlled his anger but he just doesn't know how to deal with failure. His last good game two starts ago is a perfect example. After pitching a two run gem and getting the first two out in the eighth he gave up a cheap homerun. Instead of discussing the situation with Dubee he was really animated about the fact that it was a lucky homerun. Have you ever seen Jamie Moyer do that?

But there is some good in the man and let's give him the credit he deserves. Brett proved today that he puts the team first and it takes a man to ignore his ego and that is what he did. He showed the same team-first attitude when we won the division last year. He more than anybody truly enjoyed the day and share it with the fans not because he had to but because he is a fan just like we are. That's why he agreed to the option and that's why he will be back and starting for us in the playoffs.


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