Not looking good
by Scott Butler 7/8/08

Cardinals 2, Phillies 0

Oh boy...things are not looking good for the Phightins these days.

Just how bad are things? Let's take a flash back to June: The date was June 13, 2008. The Phillies scored 20 runs en route to a 20-2 win over the St. Louis Cardinals. The Phils were sitting pretty at 13 games over .500 and 4 games ahead of the Marlins. The question around town was do you think the Phils will run away with this thing?That seems pretty simple now - the answer is No!

Since that time the Phils have gone 7-15 and just 5 games over .500 with a 1 game lead over the Marlins and 1.5 over the Mets.

So what happened? It's a pretty simple answer: HITTING. I decided it was about time to look into the numbers and if you don't have a strong stomach...DON'T LOOK!!!

Here are the numbers from our big players (and Ruiz just for fun) during this stretch:

.250 1 7
.229 1 6
Utley .224 3 7
Howard .267 7 24
Burrell .273 5 11
Ruiz .081 0 0

And as a team: .227 average and 3.82 Runs per game....Ugh

Here's what jumps out at me: In 22 games our first three batters (most of the time) have a COMBINED 5 homeruns and 20 RBI's!

Howard, yes strike out machine Howard has the SECOND HIGHEST BATTING AVERAGE of the group.

And maybe worst of all our starting catcher has not a single homer or RBI...that is just disgraceful.

One thing is for sure, if these guys don't right the ship we won't need to worry about what we can do in the playoffs.


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