Here Come the Mets
by Scott Butler 7/7/08

What a finish this was, huh! Man, how nice would it have been to come back and get good old Billy Wagner....again. Yes, we lost three of four to the Mets but they showed some kind of heart in this one. Here's some notes: What an at bat by Ryan Howard in the fourth! Down by a ton the Phillies needed a real spark and they got one from Howard. It's the kind of at-bat the casual fan won't notice, but I guarantee the team noticed it. With 143 K's to start the game, Howard is on pace to shatter his own strikeout record but he worked Pedro Martinez for a 13 pitch walk fouling off pitch by pitch. It was a beautiful thing to see and maybe a sign that he is ready to carry the team like we know he can.

The quote of the day during the telecast was great, as well. I wish I could find the quote from Pedro Martinez, but it showed why he is such an outstanding pitcher. He basically said that he can determine right away if he can throw pitches out of the strike zone to get a batter. Believe me, I don't like anyone in a Mets uniform but you can respect a good pitcher. The fact that Pedro lost his fastball and had a three-something ERA shows that he has it...the same way Moyer has it.


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