Phillies Trade RumorsPhillies trade rumors - Manager search heats up, Nola to sign long-term deal?
by Scott Butler 10/16/17

Lots of names swirling around, which one will Matty pick?

Phillies Trade RumorsPhillies trade rumors - Mackanin gets canned and MacPhail proves he does still exist
by Scott Butler 10/5/17

This is already becoming an entertaining offseason.

Phillies LogoPhillies monthly review: September 2017
by Scott Butler 10/1/17

For the first time in a very long time, we end the season with legitimate optimism for next season. Opening Day on March 29 can't come quickly enough!

Phillies 2017 Win/Loss ChartPhils embarrass Mets 11-0, finish season with 96 losses - updated win/loss chart

J.P. Crawford and Nick Williams celebrateThe Phillies are worth watching again - the hard part is sustaining it
by Scott Butler 9/25/17

It's kinda like reaching the big leagues - hard to get there and even harder to stay there.

Phillies Trade RumorsPhillies trade rumors - The offseason looms
by Scott Butler 9/23/17

What does the offseason have in store for the rebuilding Phils' next phase?

Phillies LogoPhillies team leaders and notes - September 10
by Scott Butler 9/10/17

Get used to the name Rhys Hoskins.

Phillies LogoPhillies monthly review: August 2017
by Scott Butler 9/2/17

Who's gonna remember their 11-19 August record? August was the month of Rhys.

Maikel FrancoIs it time for the Phillies to give up on Maikel Franco?
by Scott Butler 8/27/17

It's possible the decision has already been made.

Corey Seidman CSN PhilliesCorey Seidman: just “showing people you are willing to do more work than you are asked”
by Scott Butler 8/18/17

CSN's Corey Seidman is quickly becoming the voice of the next generation of Phillies fans.

Phillies LogoPhillies team leaders and notes - August 8
by Scott Butler 8/8/17

Better watch out, fellas, Nick Williams is coming.

Cesar Hernandez and Freddy GalvisPhillies have a "good problem" with their middle infield
by Scott Butler 8/6/17

Scott or Cesar? J.P. or Freddy? There are worse problems to have.

Phillies LogoPhillies monthly review: July 2017
by Scott Butler 8/1/17

Can you believe the Phillies had a winning record in July? Maybe they might avoid 100 losses after all!

Matt Klentak PhilliesKlentak's Korner: Moves by Phillies GM Matt Klentak
by Scott Butler 7/31/17

Now that the trading deadline has passed (no-waiver one at least), here's a look back at all of Klentak's moves so far.

Phillies Trade RumorsPhillies trade rumors - Neshek's name is all over the place
by Scott Butler 7/25/17

It would be an enormous surprise if the guy with the Peter Griffin beard and quirky delivery is still a Phillie this time next week.

Phillies LogoPhillies team leaders and notes - July 24
by Scott Butler 7/24/17

Better watch out, fellas, Nick Williams is coming.

Phillies LogoPhillies team leaders and notes - July 17
by Scott Butler 7/17/17

Looks like the big name on this list will be out for a while.

Poll ResultsPoll Results: Which Phillies pitcher are you most excited about this season?
Posted 7/16/17

Here are the latest results - cast your vote for the next question in the sidebar to the right.

Phillies Trade RumorsPhillies trade rumors - Joseph likely a goner and “the price is high" for Franco
by Scott Butler 7/11/17

Tough spot for Joseph. A trade just has to happen.

1887 Philadelphia Phillies Team PhotoWhich franchise is the oldest in Major League Baseball history?
by Scott Butler 7/6/17

Is it the Phils? Determining the oldest MLB team is not quite as easy as you'd think.

Phillies Trade RumorsPhillies trade rumors - MacPhail says Phils have no untouchables, plus a case for Andrew McCutchen
by Scott Butler 7/5/17

I don't see the McCutchen thing happening, but it is an interesting thought.

Phillies LogoPhillies team leaders and notes - July 4
by Scott Butler 7/4/17

Here's how they look at the mid-point.

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Posted 7/2/17

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